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20 Jun 2019

Why the section resource management is included in the ISO 9001 Certification in Mumbai requirements for quality management system. It requirements defines a Business Management System. This is a phrase used by some companies, and one that I prefer to use, for what is defined in ISO 9001, rather than some sort of subset of a business that would be labeled Quality management system. Some people have seen a quality management system as belonging to the quality department, and not really part of how management makes the business run.

How Resource Management fits with changes to Business Management

The changes in the ISO 9001 standard started interpreting the QMS as a more holistic thing, rather than just how a product is made, and it started bringing in the importance of having Top Management involved in a Quality Management System if it is to work well. ISO 9001 Certification along with the responsibilities of management came some definition of what is required for management to ensure that the Management System has what it needs to function and improve in other words, the management of resources.

Provision of Resources

The resource management talks about the two reasons that the standard includes these requirements: the companies need to identify and then assign resources to implement, maintain and improve the Quality Management System and the second reason is to enhance customer satisfaction through meeting customer requirements.

1. Human Resources: It is often said that people are organization’s most valuable resource, and this is re-iterated with Human Resources as the first area of discussion in this section of the ISO 9001 Cost in Australia. In this standard emphasizes that people performing work need to be competent, and this is judged through a combination of education, training, skills by the company’s definition, in order to adequately do an assigned job and training and Awareness are used to assure this in your QMS.  

2. Infrastructure:  The requirements of ISO 9001 Certification as trying to define a whole business management system it is easy to see that it is important to ensure the control of the physical resources needed to meet the requirements of your product. The ISO 9001 standard is making the company think of what physical resources are required to make sure that they can not only create their service, but also to deliver it to meet customer needs.

3. Work Environment: In this last section deals with the conditions in which you perform the work of your business, and mandates that the company identify what is needed to meet requirements and to manage the environment as necessary and it include things such as needing temperature and humidity controls where they are required by a process, adequate light where this is needed.

Aligning Resource Management with Improvement Goals in your Quality management system

This is the best Resource Management into your system is to better realize the benefits that are presented when you analyze the data gathered as part of the QMS. The ISO 9001 QMS is developed to use data gathered to make necessary changes to improve the individual processes, and in doing so, to improve the effectiveness of the system as a whole.

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