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18 Jul 2019

One of the biggest challenges that shipping organizations need to manage in order to survive in a growing and competitive market. ISO 14001 Consultant in Australia is an integral part of their operations can help organizations to face new customer expectations and give response to other pressures, such as legal obligations.   

The importance of environmental regulation in shipping

In poor environmental legislation existed in relation to shipping activities. In ISO 14001 has changed drastically, and there is a high legislation pressure over the maritime environment. ISO 14001 Certification requires compliance with environmental protection laws, and in the shipping companies, MARPOL and the International Management System code contain the most important regulations. MARPOL is the international convention to prevent marine pollution by ships both from regular operation and accidents. The ISM code is utilized to protect the marine environmental from the activities conducted by ships. Many produces included in the international management system code involve environmental issues of the fleet and can be associated with the compliance with the environmental management requirements.

Application of LCA from ISO 14001 in shipping

ISO 14001 Certification services in Mumbai is Shipping companies need to consider a life cycle perspective when determining their environmental aspects it doesn´t need to be highly detailed, it helps businesses to know which life cycle stages can be controlled. LCA is based on the cradle to grave approach starting with raw material extraction and culminating with either final disposal or recycled material.

Understanding environmental aspects and impacts associated with shipping operation

Global trading is driven by maritime transportation generating a great number of environmental impacts associated with activities performed by shipping organizations. In this many regulation efforts have been conducted to mitigate pollution derived from shipping activities, marine transportation is still causing several impacts on the marine environment. ISO 14001 Certification in Australia is a useful tool that can help shipping companies to reduce those environmental impacts. It requires to determine the environmental aspects related to the processes performed in shipping, and then to evaluate the significance of their impact in order to carry out the necessary actions.

Our advice, Go for it

By looking all reason everyone getting how the ISO 14001 certification will helps to environmental management system. If you’re looking to get ISO 14001 Consultant Services in Saudi Arabia?

How to get ISO 14001 Consultant Services in Saudi Arabia?

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