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30 Jul 2019

ISO 9001 Certification in Mumbai has been around for years, and many people know about it, the amount of misinformation that surrounds the standard is surprising. The six of the most common myths about ISO 9001 and what is really true.

1. ISO 9001 says we have to do it this way:

This is probably the most prolific myth I have heard. Some companies do not understand that the ISO 9001 requirements do not define the how to of a process they identify the important items that need to be addressed in the process. In ISO 9001 happen when a process owner can’t understand why something needs to be included in the process.


2. ISO 9001 belongs to the quality development alone:

People think that the ISO 9001 standard is the sole responsibility of the quality department of the organization. The requirements cover every aspect of the business from planning through delivery and post-delivery of your product or service.


3. ISO 9001 doesn’t apply to my business

This myth takes the form of “ISO 9001 is only for big businesses” or “ISO 9001 is not for service providers”. ISO 9001 Consultants in Australia is intended to be a set of requirements that can be used by any company, of any size, in any industry. ISO 9001 requirements are written as a set of best practices needed to control all the processes of a business system.


4. Everything needs to be documented:

ISO 9001 documentation for all aspects of the standard was needed then, this changed in the 2000 version of the standard and every update since. Discretion is left to the company as to what needs to be documented to ensure compliance of the product or service.  


5. ISO 9001 is expensive to implement and maintain:

It is true is some cost associated with the initial implementation of ISO 9001 and some processes to monitor the system. The main drive of the ISO 9001 Certification quality management system is to help you achieve greater customer satisfaction, eliminate the root causes of problems, and improve your processes.


6. Everything needs to be perfect at the start:

In ISO 9001 is process need to be stable and adequately monitored, so that you can detect problems and apply appropriate correction and corrective action to the causes of these problems.  ISO 9001 Certification that you can detect problems and apply appropriate correction and corrective action to the causes of these problems. In this is not the same thing as needing to be perfect.


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Our advice, Go for it


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